Meet the maker

Hi! I'm Caro and I want to help you make the most of technology to make running your creative business more smooth and efficient.

I've been a professional programmer for some years, and love creating software tailored precisely to solving a particular person's problem and making their life easier. This could be anything from a script to rename some files to a completely custom website.

Originally a self-taught programmer with a humanities background, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of how to learn just enough programming to get something done, regardless of your background or experience.

I've also been a maker for most of my life, particularly working with fibre and cloth, but also branching out into woodworking (and anything else I can get my hands on!). I'm based near Cambridge, UK with my two miniature house capybaras and a very helpful cat.

Two brown guinea pigs searching for snacks. A black cat sitting in the sunlight.
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